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What You Can Do to Avoid the Consequences of a Gummy Smile

Posted on 4/25/2022 by Evan
What You Can Do to Avoid the Consequences of a Gummy SmileA gummy smile is that smile that shows your gum more than you would want. A gummy smile causes embarrassment and lowers the confidence of many people. Our dental team will help you reduce the consequences of the gummy smile by offering the best treatment options for you.

Orthodontic Treatment

If your gummy smile is due to a jaw problem or you have an improper bite. If the dentist treats these issues it takes the discomfort and pain away and the aesthetic problem of a gummy smile will be solved. When you have a good smile the gums will show less and you will have a good appearance.

Veneers or Crowns

The orthodontist will attach veneers and crowns to make your teeth appear longer and large. This will make the teeth appear in line with your gums. This is a non-invasive way to make the gummy smile appear more attractive and have you a better smile.

Root planing and scaling

When the dentist removes plaque from the teeth and gum this is called scaling. The dentist after the scaling process smoothens the roots of the teeth so that the gums will reattach, this helps in cleaning the gums and teeth and at the same time changing the appearance of your gums taking away the gummy smile.

Crown lengthening treatment

This is a surgical procedure for treating a gummy smile. The orthodontist will remove the gum tissue and expose the more natural tooth. The crown lengthening treatment reduces the amount of gum tissue so that your teeth will appear proportionate. Our dentist will give you a smile that you will be proud of after the treatment of a gummy smile.

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